Business Closing in St. George Due to Crime in the Area

A long-time furniture business in St. George is closing its doors and the owner says part of the reason is because he is tired of thefts that have taken place over the years. Josh Leishman of Downtown Furniture has revealed he will be closing his location on St. George Blvd. 

Downtown Furniture has been serving the community for over 15 years. Leishman said he will be selling the inventory and closing the store. He said he will keep his Cedar City location open. 


Leishman described several thefts that have happened over the years and his frustration with bringing those responsible to justice. One he described where thousands of dollars' worth of inventory had been stolen from the store overnight. The police held out little hope of catching those responsible. 

Tracking down footage from cameras at a nearby business, Leishman was able to identify the vehicle involved and later locate that vehicle at a tire shop. The perpetrators were caught and some of the inventory was recovered, but Leishman said none of it would have happened had he not done the detective work. 

Thefts and lawsuits take a toll

Leishman said there has been a lot of stress over the years with lawsuits and employee theft. He feels he needs a break from all of the frustration. Downtown Furniture has been a long-time landmark in St. George. Leishman expressed his gratitude for all those who have supported his business over the years.  

I never like to see businesses closing down, especially one that has been around as long as Downtown Furniture. It is discouraging to know that crime is a big part of the reason. 

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