41-year-old Meliss Miner from Washington City has been sentenced to one to 15 years in prison following a DUI charge that led to the death of a 23-year-old man.

The incident in question was a three-vehicle collision that took place in July 2022, with Miner’s vehicle going over the center median on 3900 West State Street in Hurricane.

Miner’s vehicle then crashed into two separate vehicles, including a pickup truck belonging to 23-year-old Deliberto A. Pablo-Cruz, who unfortunately died in the crash.

The other vehicle involved was an SUV carrying two passengers including a 31-year-old driver and a two-month-old infant. Both were taken to St. George Regional Hospital with injuries but recovered soon after.

Miner wasn’t arrested for the incident until January 2023 due to a six-month investigation into the crash. The local authorities’ investigation led them to believe Miner was the cause of the crash due to driving under the influence.

Miner was then released later in the month after posting a bond, and a hearing was held on August 15 where she pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony negligent homicide charge.

That wasn’t the end of Miner’s arrest streak. She was arrested once again on August 25 for a drug charge unrelated to the crash. Around two ounces of methamphetamine were found in a vehicle of which Miner was a passenger.

Officers later searched Miner’s person and found she was in possession of meth, fentanyl pills, and black tar heroin.

A hearing was scheduled for Miner on October 10, but was then pushed forward after she reportedly told the judge she was ready to be sentenced.

Once the hearing sentencing began on September 19, the judge asked Melissa Miner if she was ready to serve her time in prison.

Miner said, “yes I am.”

Miner will now serve one to 15 years in prison for her reported crimes, putting an end to these unfortunate events spanning over a year.


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