St. George Utah is known all over the world as a premier fitness destination. The warm weather, paved trails and amazing landscapes make it a favorite spot for health nuts.

People come from all over the world to participate in The St. George Marathon, the World Iron Man competition, and countless other races held here each year.

If you are looking for the best trails and the best places to run or bike in St. George, there are certainly dozens of places to choose from.

What if you're looking for the most challenging run? Do you want to push yourself to the limit? Or maybe you're just sick and tired of flat ground.

Here are a few challenging hills and roads here in St. George to get your heart rate up and see what you're made of!

St. George's Toughest Runs

If you choose to run up these hills in St. George Utah, you're either A) really healthy or B) completely NUTS.
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Here are some nicknames people use when talking about St. George Utah
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There's a lot of hate coming from the beehive state towards the Sunshine State. But Why?

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