Though Utah and California have many differences, both states are looking to make cities more walkable and fight climate control.  

A small community in California has been gaining attention from taking a new approach to building communities, the Salt Lake Tribune said. Billionaires bought agricultural land and plan to make a new place “from the ground up”. 

Southern Utah has been trying to make more strides toward a walkable city by connecting trails for cyclists and walkers. However, there are areas that just aren’t that friendly for those groups despite the city's efforts.  

Other places in Utah are also attempting to make its communities better for mixed-use. Some say that this approach will not only be a way to fight climate change but a way to fight loneliness in larger communities.  

Planned communities don’t always have the best rep and this isn’t the first time trying something like this.  

Day Break in South Jordan is one such community and has done well for walkers and cyclists alike. However, building jobs and attracting people to these areas has been a struggle.  

Day Break does have a TRAX running through it to Salt Lake, but the SLT reported that most still use cars to get to work. That community will grow with the addition of the Salt Lake Bees in a few years.  

Vineyard, Utah is currently working on making a more “complete” planned community. The hope is to make it so that people can easily reach any destination by walking or biking.  

Time will tell how these communities flourish or don't.  


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