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Utah Cheeseball Recipes That You Don’t Want to Try 

A cheeseball is a funny thing and with all the varieties it would be good to assume that you won't like them all. However, there are some that are just plain wild and have some super weird ingredients.  


Dicken’s Festival 2023 

The beloved Dicken’s Festival came back this week. It’s open through Saturday, Dec. 2, and offers a ton of vendors, an inside winter wonderland, and so much food. Reporter Stockton Myers went to it and had one heck of a good time. See his full review here.  


Buying Christmas Chocolate Will Be More Expensive This Year 

During this time of year, chocolate sales are usually through the roof and it's due to the upcoming holiday. A lot of the cocoa is produced in West Africa however this year’s crops were damaged during heavy rainfall. Now, your Christmas chocolate will be much more expensive.  


Christmas Tree Problems 

You should look into getting your Christmas tree pretty soon since it's the time of year when they will be EVERYWHERE. However, there are a few issues with getting a real tree. Learn more here.  


Holiday Party Hacks 

It’s the time to host holiday parties and there are always stressful points to it. Here is how you can make your holiday parties awesome and stress-free.  


When to Start Listening to Christmas Music 

The age-old debate of when to listen to Christmas music is happening again. Some people wait for it just before the holiday while others listen all year long.  



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