First Off...I am NOT a Therapist.

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I'm not a therapist so back off. (Tenor)

However I am a card-carrying member of Generation X, and as such my parents are of the Baby Boomer Generation.  There's quite a societal shift in attitudes from the time my parents were my age, and with that shift comes a lot of adjustments.

Recently we asked people on our Instagram "What do you argue with your parents about?"  We got some interesting answers.  Some of the sillier ones were things like

  • "How to cook steak"
  • "They put a stopper in the sink drain and don't let anything go down it"
  • "If it's pronounced Nevada or Nevahda"

But some of them were more serious in nature and were being mentioned much more often than others.

Here are the most common arguments, in no particular order.

Things We Argue About With Our Boomer Parents In Utah

Here are the things we argue about with our Boomer parents, especially in Utah
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