KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 27 


Statewide News – 08/07/23 

Bull Causes Trouble in Spanish Fork 

A bull escaped from the rodeo arena at the Spanish Fork County Fair over the weekend, causing minor injuries.

The bull was reportedly free for about three minutes, running into the participant parking area of the arena. 

Utah Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson’s mother and brother suffered minor injuries from the bull after being knocked down and stepped on.  

Rodeo staff were able to wrangle the bull back into the arena before anyone more damage could be done. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 08/07/23 

Shooting Leads to Death in Hurricane 

A shooting in Hurricane led to the death of a 41-year-old resident in the late hours of August 4. 

The shooter was reportedly being escorted out of The Eagles Lodge due to being drunk. The shooter then pulled out a concealed firearm and shot the man in the chest, unfortunately leading to his death. 

The shooter attempted to escape authorities by returning to his home in the area, and authorities were able to arrest the man without incident. 

The 41-year-old victim was identified as Sean Moore thanks to a GoFundMe page set up in his honor to assist with funeral expenses. 

You can find more details on the incident by checking out our full article. 

Man Dies After Jumping from Burning Truck 

A man unfortunately passed away on August 4 after he jumped out his truck while driving on I-15 near Parowan. 

The truck’s cabin had reportedly filled with flames due to a mechanical failure, causing the man to take drastic action. 

Witnesses in the area tried to resuscitate the man, but he unfortunately didn’t revive. 

Dead Motorcycle Driver Discovered Near Virgin River Gorge 

Authorities responded to a report of a man who’d fallen off his motorcycle and into a ravine near the Virgin River Gorge. 

When authorities located the man, they unfortunately found that he was already dead, and rigor mortis had already set in. This means the man most likely died hours before authorities arrived at the scene. 

There’s no word yet on how the man lost control of his bike leading to his subsequent death. 

Becky Edwards Absent at Congressional Debate in St. George 

Another congressional debate was held in St. George on August 5, but a key congressional candidate was missing from the event. 

Candidate Becky Edwards was nowhere to be seen during the debate, leaving only candidates Bruce Hough and Celeste Maloy to discuss potential policy changes on their theoretical election into congress. 

It’s not currently known as to why Edwards didn’t participate, but you can find a possible theory, as well as highlights from the debate in our full article. 

New Washington County High School to Open on Time 

A new high school in St. George will open just in time for the new academic year. 

Career Tech High School will open on August 15 with over 500 students enrolled.

Only a couple dozen seniors will start at the new high school. The new high school can be found at 1001 White Dome Drive in St. George. 


Quick reminder: The “Truth in Taxation” meeting from the Washington County School District will take place tonight, 6 p.m., at Dixie High School. Check out our article if you want more details. 

Hope you had a restful weekend. Let’s take on this new week together, shall we? 

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