KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 115 


Statewide News – 12/19/23 

Governor Calls Trooper Who Saved Colleague A Hero 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox commended the actions of a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper for saving another trooper who was trapped in his vehicle following a crash. 

The crash itself involved a wrong way driver on I-15 in Orem that crashed into Trooper Carlos Rios-Redd, killing the wrong-way driver who may have been intoxicated. 

Trooper Ben Fagan made it to the scene of the crash and swiftly worked to get his colleague out of the flaming vehicle by smashing the car’s vehicle with his hand and pulling Trooper Rios-Redd out of the wreckage. 

Governor Cox took to social media to thank Trooper Fagan’s actions through a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). 

Yellow Water Mystery Solved in Northern Utah 

Residents of Davis and Weber Counties have been receiving yellow water through their pipelines in December, and new evidence may have pointed out the cause. 

Investigations into the yellow water found that when the water district’s ozone system was turned off for repairs, higher levels of manganese entered the water, causing the yellow tint to occur. 

Since then, the system has been repaired and is now working at optimal levels with little to no reports of yellow water. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/19/23 

ATM Robbery Leads to Police Chase in St. George Neighborhoods 

Multiple suspects were arrested following an ATM robbery at a Well Fargo located at 1218 South River Road in St. George on December 18. 

A chase ensued through several neighborhoods located in Bloomington Hills and Sherman Road, which also caused a lockdown of Bloomington Hills Elementary School. 

At least five suspects have been arrested in connection to the robbery with a reported sixth suspect also in custody, but not confirmed. 

You can find more details in our full article going over all the details. 

Car Jacker/Robber Still on the Run in St. George 

The St. George Police Department responded to a carjacking and robbery that occurred on the evening of December 18 with a statement that confirmed the Hispanic male suspect is still on the loose. 

The suspect stole a vehicle in St. George and then robbed a jewelry store located off 3050 East, and then attempted to make a getaway in the stolen vehicle on I-15.  

The suspect then crashed the vehicle and escaped on foot, with the SGPD increasing police presence around 1000 East and St. George Boulevard for most of the evening. 

As of the morning of December 19, the suspect has yet to be apprehended. Anyone who has information on this Hispanic male suspect who may have been injured during the events of the crime are encouraged to contact dispatch at 435-627-4300. Please be aware that the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous and should absolutely not be approached. 

Burglary at Washington City Home 

Along with all of the robberies and car jackings on December 19, a burglary was reported at a Washington City home. 

A male suspect was arrested in connection to the burglary at about 9:30 p.m. with the arrest report confirming charges of burglary, arson, and paraphernalia. 

We’ll be sure to provide more updates once more details have surfaced on what was one of the busiest days for police in 2023. 

YouTube Mom in St. George Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse 

Ruby Franke, the YouTube parenting vlogger who was arrested on several counts of child abuse, has pleaded guilty to the reported crimes. 

Franke appeared in a St. George courtroom on December 18 where she pleaded guilty to abusing her children across the span of many months in Washington County. 

Jodi Hildebrant, Franke’s business partner and mental health counselor, also faces the same charges.  

Both Franke and Hildebrandt could face one to 15 years in prison, but a sentence has not been officially announced at this time. 


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