KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 117 


Statewide News – 12/21/23 

Governor Cox Supports Banning Smartphones in Schools 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox is supporting a potential ban of smartphones in schools for the grades of kindergarten to high school levels across the state. 

Governor Cox announced his support for the potential policy on December 20, with the Utah official stating there is “overwhelming” evidence that smartphones contribute to loss of learning in academic settings. 

The Utah governor said he plans to meet with every school in the state to ask each principal to keep smartphones out of Utah classrooms. 

California Has Most Out of State Move-Ins to Utah 

According to the latest numbers of the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 91,000 people moved to Utah last year, with most of them coming from California. 

More than 18,600 California residents moved to the beehive state in the past year, which is more than Washington and Idaho combined which held second and third place respectively. 

The rest of the top six include Texas at fourth, Arizona at fifth, and Calorado at sixth. 

Gas Prices Stagnating in Utah 

Gas prices are beginning to stagnate in terms of Utah state average if a recent report from AAA is to be believed. 

The state average is sitting at about $2.94 per gallon of unleaded, which is about four cents lower than what the state average was this time last week. 

However, Washington County is still declining, albeit in slow fashion. The Southern Utah county has an average of about $3.25, which is about nine cents lower than what it was this time last week. 

Iron County is almost below $3 with an average of about $3.07, and it seems to keep declining on a daily basis. 

Toole County no longer has the cheapest average in the state, as Juab County now sits at about $2.74 per gallon of unleaded. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/21/23 

Cox Says Lake Powell Pipeline is Now on “Long Term Horizon” 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox now agrees with Washington County Water Conservancy District leaders plans for a Lake Powell pipeline should be put on hiatus while Utah continues to focus on conservation. 

Governor Cox made the statement during a monthly news conference on December 20 as a response to a question regarding the long-discussed pipeline. 

Officials from the Washington County Conservancy District said re-using “gray water” could potentially double the existing water supply in their boundaries. 

Southern Utah Liquor Stores Collecting for Charity 

Liquor stores across Southern Utah are collecting donations for local charities through early 2024. 

Employees at each liquor store are choosing a charity to support with multiple donation drives being listed on the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services website. 

The drive begins during the holiday season, but it will continue into the first two months of 2024, and will end on February 29. 

Zion Holiday Weekend Update 

Anyone looking to travel to Zion National Park over the holiday weekend, it may be wise to do some research. 

Personal vehicles will not be allowed through Zion’s scenic drive starting December 22 and will continue until News Year’s Day. Instead, the shuttle service will provide transport through the canyon. 

Also on New Year’s Day is the first lottery for acquiring Angel’s Landing camping permits. Angel’s Landing is known as one of the most popular destinations for recreation in Zion. 

More details on both the shuttle schedule and the permit lotteries can be found on Zion’s official website. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

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