KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 121


Statewide News – 12/29/23

Dolly Parton Grants Wish for Cancer Patient in Orem

A cancer patient in Orem has crossed off a lofty bucket list item thanks to the actions of Dolly Parton.

LeGrand Gold received a phone call from Parton after he told reporters his desire to speak with the music icon two years ago when he received his diagnosis of stage four colorectal cancer.

The moment has been captured on video showing an emotional Gold speaking to Parton, which crossed off the seventh item on his list which he and his wife wrote on a napkin.

Flu, RSV, and Covid Rates Rising in Utah

Multiple respiratory illnesses are on the rise across the beehive state including the flu, RSV, and Covid-19.

The Department of Health and Human Services reported a rapid increase in flu cases in the past week which they said is outpacing both RSV and COVID-19 cases.

RSV and Covid-19 cases are also on the rise with three patients unfortunately passing away from Covid-19 in the past week.

The CDC is recommending all residents receive vaccinations, especially if they have an increased risk of RSV. These include adults over the age of 60 and young children.

Hazy Conditions Plague the Salt Lake Area

If you’re planning on traveling to Salt Lake City over the holiday weekend, then you’ll want to pay attention to the current weather conditions.

Hazy skies are causing a drop in air quality in the Salt Lake City metro area this weekend due to a meteorological phenomenon called an inversion.

Conditions may improve past New Year’s Day thanks to a small weather system moving across the region.

The poor air quality is known to cause issues for those diagnosed with asthma and other respiratory health conditions.


Southern Utah/St. George News – 12/29/23

3 Vehicle Crash in Dammeron Valley Sends 1 to Hospital

A person is in the hospital with non-critical injuries following a three-vehicle collision in Dammeron Valley on December 28.

Dammeron Valley Fire and Rescue responded to the accident where they found three different Toyota branded vehicles on State Route 18 at 4 p.m.

Traffic was halted for about an hour to clear the wreckage and transport one person to St. George Regional Hospital with minor injuries.

Third CAL Ranch Burglary Suspect Arrested

After running from the police for a suspected burglary of a CAL Ranch store in Cedar City, 20-year-old Parker Devoge was arrested on December 29 in the small Nevada town of Caliente.

Devoge was the last of three suspects arrested for the crime that occurred on November 22. The 20-year-old joined his 78-year-old father Darrell Devoge and 29-year-old Russell Gruber in stealing over 70 guns from the Cedar City establishment.

Following the arrest of Darrell Devoge and Gruber, Parker made a quick getaway and was on the run until his arrest on December 28.

Child of SGPD Officer Struck by Vehicle in Little Valley

A child was struck by a vehicle while riding a scooter in the Little Valley area of St. George on December 28.

The child was left with minor injuries to their jaw, and the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene while the Utah Highway Patrol and Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to the accident.

The reason why the St. George Police Department didn’t respond was due to the victim being the child of an SGPD officer, which could cause a potential conflict of interest if the SGPD were to investigate.


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories.

From one holiday break into another. Stockton will be taking New Year’s Day off along with most of the nation as he celebrates the new year with his family. From what he understands, there are plans for the usual burger and hot dog fare, which he will never complain about. Also, Stockton believes hot dogs are a type of sandwich. So, you can burn him at the stake for that if you should wish to do so.

Happy New Year!

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