KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 136 


Statewide News – 01/23/24 

Salt Lake Conservation Activists Gather at State Capitol 

Over 1,000 conservation activists met at the State Capitol building in Salt Lake City on January 20 to voice concerns over the diminishing Great Salt Lake. 

The activists carried signs pointing toward a lack of action regarding the lowering water levels of the Great Salt Lake with sayings like “Just Add Water” and “Feeling Salty About Inaction on Great Salt Lake.” 

Despite the criticism, the activists said they know the Utah legislature is taking measures to replenish the Great Salt Lake, but they demanded more drastic action. 

Governor Cox Opposes Biden’s Electric Vehicle Mandates 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox joined more than a dozen Republican governors in opposing President Biden’s focus on electric vehicle mandates. 

A letter signed by 15 governors was posted online yesterday calling out the Biden Administration which stated the plan proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2023 is unrealistic. 

The EPA stated in its proposal in Spring 2023 that they want to have electric vehicles account for 67% of new light-duty sales and 46% of medium-duty sales by 2032. Cox and the other 14 governors said the consumers should decide on these potential changes. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 01/23/24 

Death of Parowan Teacher Now Treated as Murder 

The death of a teacher from Parowan on New Year’s Eve is now being treated as an aggravated murder investigation. 

62-year-old Robin Whittle was found unresponsive in her home in Iron County on December 30, and since then, more details have come to light. Whittle reportedly died after sustaining multiple skull fractures, a severe brain bleed, and bruising was found on her face including the skin surrounding her left eye, and behind her left ear. 

According to an article from Pat Reavy with KSL, the police are now looking into a possible motive for the murder. The last person who saw Whittle alive was reportedly her husband on the evening of December 30. The husband said they were writing a talk they were going to use at church the following day. 

Stolen ATV Situation in St. George Leads to Discovery of Live Hand Grenades 

The St. George Police Department responded to a call for assistance from Colorado City-Hildale police after discovering a stolen ATV from Arizona in St. George.  

As officers searched the home where the stolen vehicle was being stored, they found a live hand grenade inside a metal ammunition container. Officers vacated the area until the Washington County Metro Bomb Squad could handle the situation. 

Later searches of the home found a live frag grenade and two smoke grenades along with various firearms. The suspect in this case was identified as 31-year-old Chase Joseph Leavitt, a military veteran from St. George. 

Leavitt also reportedly stole a silver Ford pickup truck, two trailers, and had another live hand grenade on his person when he was arrested. 

Canyon View Middle Goes Remote During Carbon Monoxide Investigation 

Canyon View Middle School in Cedar City will implement a remote-learning format until the building has been properly searched for the cause of the recent swath of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The school hosted online classes yesterday and will continue to do so until investigators can find the origin of the excess carbon monoxide. 

The school has been cleared half a dozen times as of January 21, but school officials said more testing is needed. This came after several people reported symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning at the end of last week. 

St. George Pushes for Air Traffic Control Tower at Airport 

St. George city officials are pushing to add an air traffic control tower to the St. George Regional Airport as more flights come and go from Southern Utah. 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox agreed with those in favor of the tower when he attended a meeting in St. George last week. The tower would reportedly cost somewhere between $15 million to $20 million to construct, and Governor Cox said the Federal Aviation Administration would provide staffing for the tower at no extra cost. 

The decision will come down to the Utah legislature as they would be the ones to authorize the funding for the construction. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton spent most of yesterday standing next to plumbers who were clearly annoyed by his presence. The plumbers were fixing a water main that began to leak about a week ago, and that included some serious digging and jackhammering to reach the broken pipe. Meanwhile, Stockton was breathing down their shoulders because if something went wrong, the water would burst into his room in the basement. So yeah, he was like a helicopter parent watching over his kids at a playground. 

Happy Tuesday! 


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