KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 138 


Statewide News – 01/25/24 

DEI Bill May Bar Ute Tribe Students from Tuition Wavers 

Students of the Ute Tribe may lose access to university tuition waivers if the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion bill makes it through the Utah legislature. 

Senate bill advocate Keith Grover of the Republican party told the Salt Lake Tribune this week about unintended consequences that the bill could bring. One such consequence involves tuition waivers given by public universities to sovereign nations like the Ute Tribe. 

The Utah Legislature has yet to decide on whether entities like the Ute Tribe will still receive these tuition waivers based on being a part of a sovereign nation and not because of race. 

Personhood for the Great Salt Lake? Maybe Not 

A new way to potentially protect the Great Salt Lake may be prevented if a new potential law from Republican Representative Walt Brooks is enacted. 

The law would ban non-human entities like bodies of water, land, artificial intelligence, weather, plants, and animals from receiving personhood. A poll in 2023 by Utah State University showed 60% of Utah residents wanted to give the Great Salt Lake its own rights. 

Brooks said the new law would stop groups from “weaponizing” personhood for personal gain. Giving rights to nature is not a new trend. The Yurok Tribe in California managed to give legal personhood to the Klamath River in 2019, which has allowed the tribe to make strides in fighting pollution in the area. 

Changes Made to “Trans Bathroom Bill” 

More changes have been made to the controversial “trans bathroom bill” making its way through the Utah Legislature. 

House Bill 257 was originally planned to ban people from using public restrooms that didn’t align with the gender displayed on their birth certificate, but that is no longer the case. 

The new version of the bill allows people to use whatever public restroom they identify with, but children in school would need to follow the gender on their birth certificate. The bill may be voted on as early as today. 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 01/25/24 

3 Possible Drug Traffickers Arrested in Cedar City 

Three reported drug traffickers were arrested through two separate traffic stops in Cedar City with more than $300,000 worth of drugs seized by police. 

The first traffic stop saw an officer pull over a car on I-15 that made an illegal lane change. The driver couldn’t provide a legal driver’s license, prompting the officer to call in the K-9 Unit. Over $300,000 worth of meth was found, and the police arrested the driver and the single passenger of the car. 

The second traffic stop was due to a window tint violation and the driver gave the go-ahead to search the vehicle. 35 pounds of marijuana was seized along with a stash of cash equating to $22,000. The driver was then arrested and charged for holding illegal narcotics. 

3 Shoplifters Arrested at Red Cliffs Mall in St. George 

Three women accused of shoplifting in St. George are in court after stealing items from the Red Cliffs Mall. 

Officers asked for proof of payment from the three women after being seen walking out of the shopping center, but the suspects were unable to produce any receipts. 

The three women were arrested, and a later search of their vehicle found more stolen goods. A review hearing was held on January 24, but no further details have been provided. 

BLM Asks for Assistance in Counting Utah Raptor Nests 

Utah’s Bureau of Land Management put out a call for assistance in counting raptor nests in the beehive state. 

No background or prior experience is necessary as the BLM will hold training workshops for volunteers between February and March. 

Obtaining binoculars, GPS units, and digital cameras is encouraged before volunteering, and an active e-mail address is recommended as well. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton is still trying to add more luxuries to his home office, and once such luxury is better internet. The problem is that it’s the most complicated math problem ever to get internet to where he works. Every time he meets with a technician, it’s never “time to set up,” it’s always “we need one more thing.” Hopefully, a breakthrough will be made because Stockton is thinking of admitting himself to an insane asylum. 

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