KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 61 


Statewide News – 09/26/23 

Teen Dead Following ATV Crash 

A 14-year-old girl in Uintah County lost her life after an ATV rollover crash on September 25. 

While the scene is currently under investigation, some details have been provided on the circumstances of the crash. 

The teenager was driving westbound when she reportedly careened off the road, flipping the ATV. First responders unfortunately pronounced her dead at the scene. 

Bookstore Hosting Drag Event Responds to Bomb Threats  

The owners of The King’s English, a bookstore in Salt Lake City that hosts drag story time events every Sunday, have commented on the fake bomb threat that was given to the store on September 24. 

The owners told the press they’re overwhelmed with the support following the frightening event. The King’s English has received many calls asking when Tara Lipsyncki, the drag artist that hosts the story time event, will return for the usual Sunday routine. 

This is the first time the bookstore has received any sort of bomb threat in the 50 years it’s been in business. 

Evacuations in Salt Lake Caused by “Agricultural Product” 

Areas of downtown Salt Lake City were evacuated on September 25 after a suspicious item was found in an alleyway, leading some to believe it was a bomb of some kind. 

Some of the evacuated areas include the U.S. Bank Tower and several downtown streets.  

A bomb squad arrived at the scene to investigate the item and deemed the object to be harmless. The object is believed to be some kind of “organic agricultural product.” 


Southern Utah/St. George News – 09/26/23 

More Details on Child Struck by Vehicle 

Details have come to light on the despairing accident which led to a seven-year-old girl being transported to Las Vegas for serious medical treatment. 

The mother of the little girl, Trit Borrowman, announced the child was her daughter Emery Burrows. Borrowman gave a heartfelt plea on her Facebook to give thoughts and prayers to her little girl. 

Emery was reportedly retrieving a soccer ball from the street in front of their house when the accident occurred. Emery is currently undergoing procedures in Las Vegas to assist in her recovery of a skull fracture, leg fractures, and brain hematoma.  

You can find more details including a link to a Go Fund Me page for Emery in our full article. 

St. George Family Details Racist Incidents in Washington County Schools 

A couple in St. George detailed various racist incidents aimed toward their biracial daughters, calling for a change in teaching kids at home about racism. 

After one of the daughters endured racial abuse at Dixie High School last year, they decided to transfer over to Crimson Cliffs High School hoping for a change. Unfortunately, another incident occurred on the first day of school in August with racial slurs and names being thrown at the daughters. 

The couple believe the Washington County School District is not to blame. Rather, it’s at home where the couple believes education must be given to children about racist behavior.  

St. George Temple Open Houses Continue into General Conference 

The St. George open house public tours continue to grow in popularity with an expected 500,000 more attendees before the rededication on December 10. 

The open house tours are usually available on Saturday’s; however, this week will be a little different. 

No tours will be given on September 30 due to General Conference, which is a bi-annual event where leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will speak to members about doctrine and announcements. 


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