Let me tell you a little something about Labor Day.

It’s one of the most stressful holidays for me. The reason I feel that way is because I can’t help but dread what comes after Labor Day, which is either going back to work or going back to school.

In order to combat this feeling which I know will come to haunt me again, I’ve listed three solid options for making the most out of Labor Day.

We’re going to enjoy our day off, dang it!


Yes, I know it’s so predictable to throw a barbeque on Labor Day, but this is America *Eagle Screech*, we have barbeques all the time for the most random of reasons. A three-year-old child could go potty by himself and I’m sure someone would throw him a barbeque in his honor.

What should you cook? The answer is yes. What I mean by that is cook every form of meat in your fridge. Chicken, ribs, pork, burgers, hot dogs, and maybe some corn on the cob for good measure.

You know what? Fish. Cook some fish. I don’t know what kind of fish, just cook fish.


NATURE…it’s freaking awesome. You can’t go wrong with nature. Nature could start a controversial political movement about eating graphite as an iron supplement and people would still think it was awesome.

Go out into the woods and sleep in a tent. Go out into the woods and hug a tree. Go out into the woods and catch a fish, and then use that fish to throw another barbeque.


YES! The ultimate solution to anything when you have a bit of free time.

Nothing beats sleep. I could sleep until I fall asleep in my dream about falling asleep and I would still love sleeping.

I mean come on, what’s one of the biggest reasons get so excited about a day off? Snoozeville, Z’s for days. Sleeping for 12 hours and not feeling the slightest tinge of guilt.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with my weighted blanket and my unreasonable number of pillows.

Happy Labor Day!


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