Friday and Saturday the tradition that started in 1980 continued at the St. George Art Festival.

Thousands of citizens, tourists and visitors turned out to make the event a smashing success.

"It's been a big day, a phenomenal day," said Yori Ludvigson, who runs Big Lud's BBQ truck and was one of the vendors at the festival. "Everyone turned out en masse."

St. George City's Kelly Campbell and Doug Hamilton both agreed, adding that the crowds were the biggest that they had ever seen at the festival.

Right around 400 artists applied for a booth at the festival. A jury of judges selected about 150 of those artists to display their wares, plus there were dozens of food trucks (the official count was "more than 40 food trucks"), two live music stages and a hugely popular performance by the Spazmatics Friday night.

A couple of the highlights that I noticed at the event include the metal palm trees (I've got to get me one of those!), blown-glass sculptures, some amazing photographers, and this cool display where an artist repurposed things like old instruments and bullhorns into speakers for our cell phones.

One of the artists specializes in rock sculptures, artistic pieces carved entirely from stone. Pictured in the gallery below is a shot of one of his sculptures. He formed a piece of rock into a giant moon. It was a little out of my price range, but it would have fit in with my wife's theme at home of "I love you to the moon ... and back."

All photos by Shelly Griffin
All photos by Shelly Griffin

St. George Art Festival 2023

Live pictures from Friday at the St. George Art Festival

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