Utah has some weird laws, and even some that we think are illegal, but aren't actually against the law.

I recently learned on the Andy Griffin Show that it is perfectly legal to change lanes in an intersection, so long as it's safe to do so. I had assumed my whole life that it was illegal to change lanes in Utah in an intersection. You know what happens when you assume.

Here are some of the more bizarre laws in Utah:

It's illegal to cause a catastrophe in Utah

Flash flood warning sign at Zion National Park

If this wasn’t already a given, don't forget that it's illegal to cause any sort of catastrophe in Utah. According to the criminal code, a catastrophe entails a “use of a weapon of mass destruction or explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, collapse of a building or other harmful or destructive force or substance that is not a weapon of mass destruction.”

It's illegal to throw snowballs in Provo (really?!)

closeup of hands in red gloves holding snowball in winter outdoors

Throwing a snowball could result in a $50 fine in Provo, meaning snowball fights are a definite no-no. Luckily, this law doesn’t apply if you're visiting some of Utah's famous ski resorts like Park City, Alta and Brighton.

It's illegal to ride a bike with no hands on the handlebars in Utah

funny girl and bicycle

No matter how skilled you are riding a bike without touching the handlebars, this could also result in fines. Law dictates that at least one hand needs to be touching the bars, so you may be able to get away with drinking a hot chocolate while peddling.

It's illegal for women to use curse words in Logan

Swear jar with coins in on a white background

Apparently women can’t use profane words in Logan without risking a fine of some sort. Equally contentious is how a husband is responsible for every crime his wife commits in his presence, so this could really be a double-whammy in Logan.

Going to Maverik (or other convenience stores) after dark requires ID

Flat woman driver license, id card vector illustration

Yes, it's true, people must present identification to enter a convenience store after dark in Kaysville, Utah. This also reinforces the facts that alcoholic beverages can't be stronger than 3.2 percent nor can individuals possess beer containers larger than two liters.

It's illegal to use gunpowder for headaches in Utah

Black powder isolated.
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Pharmacists once prescribed gunpowder to cure headaches in Utah. Not anymore, so be sure to bring along plenty of alternatives like Tylenol and Aspirin just in case.

It's illegal to detonate nuclear weapons in Utah

A nuclear bomb explosion causing shock waves. Mixed media illustration.

OK, so some of these are no-brainers. I would hope this one would be the case.

It's illegal to complain about milk in Utah

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

The law states "It’s illegal for milk consumers to 'unfairly discriminate' against milk distributors and criticize the grade or quality." I guess as long as it's not chunky, we'll be quiet.

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