LOA, Utah (KDXU) - 19-year-old Madelyn Allen's parents are relieved after police found her over the weekend and arrested 39-year-old Brent Neil Brown.

"He called as he had done many times and he said, 'I have her' and we dropped to our knees, we were so grateful, elated," says Jonathan Allen, Madelyn's father, when Chief Lock told them their daughter was safe.

According to police reports, Allen walked away from her apartment around 9:22 p.m. on December 13.

Around 7:20 a.m. on December 14, a text message was sent from her phone to one of her
parents saying “I Love You!”

The text caused parents to be concerned and head to Verizon to find out details on the location of the phone. Verizon notified the parents that the 7:20 a.m. text was sent from Loa, Utah which is 87 miles from Ephraim where she was last seen.

On December 18, investigators found in Allen’s Verizon records more cell phone pings in Loa.

During the search, law enforcement arrived at a home on Main Street. As they approached the house, they observed through a basement window, a person with light-colored hair and a small build in the basement of the house.

A 39-year-old male answered the door and stated no one else was in the home. He also would not allow a consensual search of his home without the owner of the home (his parents) permission. The owner was contacted and consensual search granted.

The man was identified as Brent Neil Brown.

Officers quickly found a Snow College ID belonging to Allen in plain view. A gun was located in an
open suitcase that contained clothes that appear to belong to her as well.

Brown was detained by officers after finding the Snow College ID.

Officers located the missing girl alive in what is described as a coal storage area of the residence. She was completely covered in coal.

Brown is facing obstruction of justice and other charges in connection with the case.

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