We all like to personalize things, including our cars and one of the most popular ways to do this is stickers but, officials are saying that could be a bad thing.  

In Utah, there are tons of Trump 2024, Baby on Board, and other types of stickers that adorn passing cars. You see them every day as you drive to work. While some stickers might be less harmful than others, there are some that prove to be great indicators for criminals.  

Anything that tells details of your personal life can be used against you. A  thief may see a stick figure family on the back of a car and can plan the likelihood of that family being gone in the early hours of the morning for school drop off.  

They could also see the school sticker and note that your kids go there every day, if kids are their target. 

The Perry Township Police Department went to Facebook to give this warning and gained a lot of traction. It also detailed how criminals can use these personal stickers against you. 

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/NewnanPoliceDepartment/posts/pfbid0299FJqer2b6CzJRAKxC8a62a8MyovggETfcbfLtdBJnk3xAsY7cVH6DiK4eV9WpDGl
FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/NewnanPoliceDepartment/posts/pfbid0299FJqer2b6CzJRAKxC8a62a8MyovggETfcbfLtdBJnk3xAsY7cVH6DiK4eV9WpDGl

One commenter gave a first-hand experience of how this can work: 

“This wasn’t safe 30 years ago…had my son, a first grader, at the mall and a man came up to me and told me how “beautiful” he was…then proceeded to tell me that he knew where he went to school because of the honor sticker on my car which he had to have seen when I parked…then told me all “anyone” would have to do is go to the school, wait, follow him home…he’s gone. I went home and took the sticker off my car and kept all future stickers in a scrapbook.” 

This message is not to scare people but rather to alert them to what they are putting on their car. So, your anime stickers are probably safe, and even the sassy ones about someone riding your butt while driving. 

Stay safe, Utah.  


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