A crash on Riverside Drive in St. George resulted in every major intersection to lose power, leaving no traffic working traffic lights in the entire St. George area.

Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell of the St. George Police Department posted an update through a livestream on the SGPD Facebook page.

Officer Mitchell said, “So what we're asking is if you're watching this in your home please, I would warn you not to go anywhere right now in downtown just because there's just nowhere to go. Every intersection is being treated as if it's a four way stop so if you can imagine Riverside and River Road right now having it as a four way stop or any of the big intersections on Bluff Street, it’s going to take a long time to get anywhere.”

Officer Mitchell said, “Not only that, we have nine crashes on the screen right now, five of those being personal injury with at least two or more cars involved that's nine crashes. We are trying to respond to on top of the fact that we have a power outage and all these major intersections. So, you can understand how important it is for you to avoid these areas if possible. “

Officer Mitchell said, “It's important that you watch the road and not drive distracted while you're going through these areas and just do your best to stay home. If you can, maybe run your errands tomorrow. We appreciate all you do remember to watch your six. Thanks everybody.”

Please be careful out there, wear your seatbelt, and as Officer Mitchell said, maybe wait until tomorrow to run your errands.

Stay safe out there.

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