Who knew rattling the chains could be so much fun?

But that's exactly the goal in disc golf as the chains of the "hole" make a satisfying rattle as the disc settle home on your final shot of the hole.

And disc golf, in all its rattling glory, is growing in popularity in the United States.

St. George is right on the cutting edge of this trend as the City of St. George is set to formally open Beaverwood Disc Golf Course, an 18-hole, 5,962-foot course featuring several different types of landscaping amid stunning scenic vistas.

The grand opening and ceremonial disc toss will take place Oct. 19 (Thursday) at 9 a.m. at St. James Park (741 St. James Lane). All are welcome to this event.

“We are thrilled with how this course turned out and we hope everyone in the community has a chance to use it,” said Joseph Nielson, Landscape Architect for the City of St. George. “The course itself is meant to be challenging, but it is also intended to be fun for all ages.”

Beaverwood is unique because it features different types of play. There are holes with open desert terrain and a little brush. There are several tamarisk tunnel shots with intentionally impaired views and hidden baskets.

Perhaps most difficult — and possibly most rewarding — are holes situated on hills that offer incredible views of downtown St. George in addition to occasional glimpses at wildlife.

“There are rabbits, birds, lizards, foxes and beavers — you never know what you will see when you play,” Nielson added. “We expect this course to become popular and loved by our residents, and I think that those who utilize St. James Park can appreciate what we’ve tried to create here.”

Beaverwood replaces the disc golf course that had been at Bloomington Hills North Park. Since its removal, the only other City-owned disc golf course had been the 9-hole course at Mathis Park.

A portion of funding for tee pads and baskets were donated by local disc golfers and businesses. Volunteers from Infinite Discs St. George and the Southern Utah Disc Golf Association helped with design of the course, installing baskets and clearing brush.

For a look at the City’s current and upcoming parks projects, go here.

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