SPRINGDALE, Utah (KDXU/ABC4) - Residents living near Zion National Park woke up Wednesday morning to a blanket of snow sitting on red rock.

“Last night we had a pretty significant rain and thunderstorm, and lightening and we knew it was going to be a little bit colder and when we woke up, we had a little bit of snow and it’s so welcomed, because we’re so dry,” says Michael Evenson, from Rockville.

Evenson says he briefly lost power during Tuesday night’s storm, but locals are just glad to see some precipitation.

“I do motorcycle a lot and I go around all the reservoirs and I see how dangerously low they really are and of course there’s a lot of growth in Washington County and that’s always a concern so I just, we hope it just snows and snows and rains,” says Evenson.

That’s what Zachary Renstrom, the Washington County Water Conservancy District Manager, has been hoping for, after record low water levels in the Virgin River.

“With having a really good snow, especially this early in the season, it’s significant for our water because its helping to build that base that we need, so when the Spring comes and the snow starts to melt, that will actually get the water into our reservoirs where it’s needed,” says Renstrom.

Renstrom says water levels started in a deficit this year and they need snow accumulations this winter to be above average, to fill reservoirs by the Spring.

“We’re still technically in a drought, but these are very positive trends that we’re seeing, so we’re very happy to see that,” says Renstrom.

For now, residents like Evenson are enjoying the view while water leaders can only hope to see more snow days in Southern Utah this season.

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