It’s summer and the kids are out, which leaves parents scratching their heads for summer activities for the little ones. Well, this one is for the parents looking for a little more adventure for their kid’s summer.  

Hurricane native Casey Campbell says she has been around horses all her life. At the ripe age of 11, Campbell’s father let her train her own horse, but she was well-versed in riding, tack equipment knowledge, and big livestock before then.  

“I was basically raised with my grandparents and all I really had was my horses to hang out with me and my friends were always out riding always spending time with the horses. In my opinion, the horse is the best therapist in the world because they just sit there, and they can't argue with you.” Campbell said. 

Photo Credit: Casey Campbell (edited on Canva)
Photo Credit: Casey Campbell (edited on Canva)

Unfortunately, Campbell had a back accident leaving her unable to train but that didn’t stop her from making her life horse filled. Now she owns C.Campbell Riding Lessons and Trail Rides which is located in Hurricane.  

Among riding lessons, a day camp is offered multiple times a month except in July (because it’s so darn hot!). It’s the perfect opportunity to get your kids around a bigger animal and give them a hands-on activity that gets them outside.  

The Share a Horse Club Day Camp has a ton of activities like a scavenger hunt, horseshoe painting, a horse/saddle quiz, and more.  

If you are a little too old for a day camp, that’s just fine. There are also trail rides that up to 4 people can go on. Campbell can take you to Squirrel Canyon, Arches, Warner Valley, and a bunch of other locations of your choosing. One super cool add-on is that Campbell offers picnic trail rides which includes picking the location and a packed picnic.  

Pretty neat and such a fun date idea! 

However, if you are expecting one of those trail rides that head, butt, head butt then this may not be for you. The horses will be grouped but not following each other so you will need to feel confident.  

To learn more about C.Campbell Riding Lessons and Trail Rides click here.  

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