Is it wrong to cover up while nursing a child in public spaces? Is it wrong to be uncovered while nursing a child where everyone can see?

This is the basis of a protest that occurred on the morning of August 29 in front of the Washington County School District building in St. George.

Shannon Anderson, the instigator of the protest, gathered at the building with over a dozen mothers who believe that breast feeding a child should not be seen in a sexual light, and that it’s okay to not wear a covering while nursing a child.

For context, the incident that began this protest happened on August 16 at Bloomington Elementary School when Anderson was breast feeding her child uncovered on the premises.

She was then asked by some of the faculty of the school if she would be willing to cover up due to being around other children. Anderson took offense to this act and decided to formulate the protest.

I reached out to the Director of Communications and Foundations for the Washington County School District, Steven Dunham, and stated the school district’s opinion on the matter.

According to Dunham, the Washington County School District fully supports nursing mothers, but when it comes to nursing without some form of covering in front of other people’s children, it gets a little more complicated.

Dunham said the school district is alright with nursing in front of other children as long as they have a cover, but if the nursing child is uncomfortable with being covered, then the school district is more than happy to provide a private room so that the mother can nurse uncovered.

We’ll provide more details if the situation develops further.


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