Southern Utah Sunrise Stories: Volume 3 


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Statewide News – 6/30/23 

Governor Cox Grateful for Record Snowfall 

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox is asking residents of Utah to join him on Sunday in giving thanks and prayer for the record snowfall that has filled up so many of Utah’s lakes and reservoirs. 

Gov. Cox said there is something incredibly powerful about people of multiple faiths and background uniting in a common cause to give thanks through prayer. 

Gas Prices are Slowly Decreasing in Utah 

The Utah average gas price has gone down by nine cents in the past month. We are now down $1.21 a gallon from this time last year. The current state average is $3.97 for a gallon of regular. 

DUI Arrests Rising in Utah 

More drunk drivers are getting stopped in Utah. The Highway Patrol said on June 29 that troopers in Utah have made more than 10,700 arrests from July 2022 to June 26, 2023. That’s 300 more than last year's report. It’s not all bad news though, because Utah has a lower rate of alcohol and drug-related deaths compared to the national average. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 6/30/23 

Resort in Ivins Will Host PGA Tour Event for Years 

The Blace Desert Resort in Ivins will start hosting a PGA tour event and it could come as soon as Fall of 2024. This isn’t a one-time event either as the resort will host the event for at least five years. Both the men’s and women’s pro golf tours will come to Southern Utah for the event once it begins. 

Washington County Sherriff’s Office Facebook Page is Back at it Again 

The Sherriff’s Office knows how to drive a point home. In a Facebook post on the evening of June 29, The Sherriff’s office went over what should and should not be called in during Independence Day. 

Some personal favorites of mine of what not to call in include “my wife is too upset to sleep,” and “my cat is upset and hiding.” On what you should call in on Independence Day, my personal favorites include “body parts are landing in my yard,” and “my cat is shooting back.” 

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