I've had my share of speeding tickets through the years, although none lately. At one point, I'd been pulled over on every major holiday.

That's a fact I'm kind of proud of, and also kind of ashamed of. But I'm older now and haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a decade or more (knock on wood).

Speed Limit 70
Harris Shiffman

I've found a big part of the battle is knowing what the speed limits are. I've been pulled over many times and the officer invariably asks if I know what the speed limit is. If the answer is, "I don't know, or "I'm not sure," that's when you know you have a problem.

Some examples:

Quick, without looking it up, what's the speed limit on St. George Boulevard?

If you said 40 miles per hour, you're wrong. Thirty-five? Nope.

The speed limit on the Boulevard is 30 (And yes, I did get pulled over on the Boulevard once, back in the 1990s at about 6 a.m. on a weekday. I didn't get a ticket, but I did get scolded for not knowing that it was a 30-zone (I was going 43).

How about the freeway speed limit, from milepost 2 through 13?

Nope, not 80 or even 75. It's actually 70 miles per hour.

The other day I was cruising along at about 70 when I came up on an 18-wheeler. I sped up a little to get past him and before I had even finished the pass a car was riding up my tail going significantly faster than both of us. I finished passing the truck and immediately moved over, at which time the guy behind me zoomed away.

No big deal, right? Except the guy in the 18-wheeler didn't like me moving over so quickly and gave me the "high-beam flash" a couple of times.

I was still going well over the posted speed limit, but apparently not fast enough for him.

Here are some other notable speed limit postings around our area:

  • St. George Boulevard -- 30 MPH
  • Bluff Street: 45 MPH
  • Southern Parkway -- 60 MPH
  • Telegraph/Red Cliffs Drive/River Road --- 50 up on Telegraph Hill and North, 35 in Washington City, 40 MPH from Red Cliffs Drive in front of the Mall and South
  • SR 18 -- 45 on Bluff then turns to 60 MPH
  • SR9 -- 60 MPH
  • Dixie Drive -- 40
  • Snow Canyon Parkway -- 40
  • Mall Drive -- 45 MPH
  • 700 S. -- 30 and 35
  • All residential streets -- 25 MPH

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