ST. GEORGE, Utah (KDXU) - St. George's mayor and two councilwomen have been officially sworn in. Michele Randall called this moment 'historic' as there have never been three women on the city's council before.

Michelle Tanner and Natalie Larsen are the newest members of the council, joining Danielle Larkin, making the majority of the council, women.

Mayor Randall tells KDXU News Director, Jordan Verdadeiro, the issues she's planning to tackle are water, affordable housing and hiring more officers and fire officials to keep up with the growth.

"We all have the same common goal and that is, we love this community and we want it to be the best place to live," says Randall.

Councilwoman Michelle Tanner adds another important goal of theirs, is keeping government local.

"I just feel so strongly that it is so vital that we really safeguard our community here against the government overreach that's going on right now in the entire country," says Tanner.

Randall says after Hildale Mayor, Donia Jessop paved the way for women in local government.

"Prior to that, there were no female mayors in the county and this time, there's seven and a lot of city councilwomen ran and got elected so I think women, they're just, they're finally feel comfortable to step outside of the box and realize, 'I can do this'," says Randall.

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