OK, being a first responder isn't always about saving someone's life. In fact, sometimes its about saving some THING'S life.

Such was the case Tuesday night in St. George when the St. George Police Department, the St. George Fire Department and the St. George Streets Department rallied around a distraught mama duck.

Last night (6/6/23) while in the area of Gap Canyon and Province Way a #SGPD officer was flagged down by a concerned citizen. The citizen advised some baby ducks were stuck in a storm drain and the mother duck was nearby making noise. The officer noticed the baby ducklings stuck in the storm drain and requested St. George Fire Department along with St. George City Streets Department respond.

In a show of teamwork and comradery, the three departments were able to get the storm drain open and rescue the ducklings.

SGPD gave this statement after:

Way to go alert citizen (#IamSGPD)!! And a big thank you to SGFD, #SGPD, and SGCity Streets for saving the day! #teamwork#ducklings#ducklove#ducklife

According to the website wildbirdscoop.com, of the many birds in the state, there are more than 20 species of ducks. Some live in the state year-round, while others are winter or summer residents.

There are also ducks who only visit Utah while they are migrating between breeding and winter habitats.

The ducks in question were most likely the common canvasback duck, known to hang out in marshy or wet areas of Utah, especially near ponds or lakes. Because of their transitory nature, and this being an especially wet spring, ducks have become quite common in Washington County.

It's estimated that more than half of those 20 species of ducks in the state spend a significant amount of time in Washington County.


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