Summer is a great time to visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument, as long as safety tips are followed. High summer temperatures can produce heat related illness. Prevention includes proper planning and preparation, increasing fluid intake, appropriate clothing and sunscreen, and limiting strenuous activities to the cooler parts of the day.

With the monsoon season upon us, park visitors need to monitor changing weather conditions. Monsoonal storms can bring heavy rains and winds, which could make water navigation difficult and result in flash floods in the slot canyons.

In addition, intense monsoonal storms can wash debris into Lake Powell from surrounding plateaus and mountains. This debris may contain harmful bacteria from livestock and wildlife waste. These conditions may be especially prevalent in headwater areas of the many canyons along the lake.

The National Park Service at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is encouraging visitors to avoid drinking, swimming or recreating in waters that contains large amounts of floating debris or algae, especially at the headwaters of the numerous canyons. Anytime you do recreational activities (swimming, water skiing, kayaking, etc.) on the beaches or in the waters of Lake Powell, you are strongly encouraged to follow basic hygiene practices:

  1. Do not ingest the water.
  2. Wash your hands before eating and touching your eyes or mouth.
  3. Shower with soap after participating in any water activities.
  4. Wash your hands after handling fish, gathering up your water gear and toys, changing out of your swimming suit, etc.
  5. Do not enter the water if you have open sores or cuts.

The park wishes all visitors a safe and enjoyable summer.

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