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Statewide News – 05/23/24 

State Auditor Tallies Thousands of Complaints from Trans-Restroom Law 

Despite tallying more than 12,000 complaints since the law was signed, the Utah state auditor reported that only five of the complaints were of actual substance in regard to the controversial trans-restroom law that was signed earlier this year. 

State Auditor John Dougall said most complaints filed through the tip line have been frivolous or fake. Dougall isn’t happy about playing the role of bathroom monitor for the state with all the complaints.  

The trans-restroom law, as many residents have called it, requires the state auditor’s office to run a tip line through an online portal for those who wish to give their take on a state facility's status. Gas Prices Decline Significantly Throughout the State 

Gas prices continue to lower across the state with the national average being just cents away from meeting the state average, which is something that hasn’t occurred in several months. 

According to this morning’s AAA gas report for Utah, the state average for a gallon of unleaded is about $3.65 per gallon while the national average is about $3.62 per gallon. 

Most expensive gas in the state goes to Wayne County with an average of $4.13 per gallon. Cheapest gas goes to Tooele County at $3.50 per gallon. Washington County’s average is about $3.85 per gallon, which is an 8-cent decline from last week, and Iron County’s average is about $3.63 per gallon. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 05/23/24 

RV Fire Threatens Home in St. George 

A home in the Bloomington Hills area of St. George was saved from a fire that started in a nearby RV thanks to a swift response from fire workers. 

The people inside the RV escaped the fire when they heard a loud pop on the morning of May 22. No injuries were reported. 

The St. George Fire Department is currently investigating the cause of the RV. As a quick reminder, most of Washington County is at a high risk of wildfires due to the rising temperatures and dry weather. 

Beaver Child Injured in Toy Tractor Incident 

A child in Beaver was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital after they fell into a river while riding a toy tractor on May 22. 

Deputies with the Beaver County Sheriff’s Officer were able to locate the child and perform life-saving maneuvers before sending them to the local hospital before being airlifted to Northern Utah for further treatment. 

Other departments who responded include the Utah Highway Patrol, Beaver County Search and Rescue, Beaver Fire Department, and several volunteers. An article from ABC 4 Utah said the child is in critical condition, and that the boy is the son of a Utah Rodeo star. 

Zion Warns Visitors of Busy Turnout for Memorial Day Weekend 

Officials from Zion National Park are warning visitors to be prepared for long wait times and other inconveniences as they expect a heavy turnout for the Memorial Day weekend. 

More than 96,000 people visited Zion National Park during the Memorial Day weekend in 2023, and the staff at Zion are expecting a similar level of traffic.  

More information can be found in our article covering everything you need to know about Memorial Day at Zion National Park. 


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