KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 204 


Statewide News – 05/03/24 

Gas Prices Shift Across the State in Wide Margins 

According to this morning’s AAA gas report for Utah, the most expensive gas in the state belongs to Piute County with an average of about $4.46 per gallon of unleaded, a 31-cent jump from April 26. 

The cheapest gas in the state belongs to Millard County with an average of about $3.78 per gallon, beating out Iron County which has an average of $3.83 per gallon. 

Washington County has gotten 8 cents cheaper since April 26 with an average price of $3.98 per gallon. 

Unemployment Drops in Utah 

Unemployment claims are down across the state for the week of April 27. 

The U.S. Department of Labor reported the number of state and national unemployment filings on May 2. 

1,364 unemployment claims were filed in Utah for the week of April 27, a difference of 300 compared to the previous week. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 05/03/24 

Woman Arrested Following 11-Mile Pursuit in Washington County 

A woman was arrested in Washington County on April 28 following an 11-mile police pursuit. After authorities pulled over the woman, she claimed that she had no idea she was being pulled over in the first place. 

The authorities attempted to pull over the driver after she reportedly displayed a case of reckless driving by the St. George Boulevard exit off I-15. 

After the woman ran over a spike trap that was deployed by authorities, the woman said she didn’t know the procedure for traffic stops in the U.S. as she’s from Canada. The woman said Canadian police use blue and red lights along with loud sirens to pull drivers over to the right side of the road. This was taken as a confession of guilt by police due to the similar methods used in the United States. 

Construction Worker Struck by Vehicle near Brian Head 

A construction worker near Brian Head was hit by a truck on May 2, sending the man to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

The Utah Highway Patrol told members of the press that the driver was heading down State Route 143 when the accident occurred near mile marker 11.  

The construction worker was holding a stop sign, but the driver claimed they didn’t notice the man until the last second while traveling at speeds between 30 to 45 mph. It’s unknown if the worker will take any legal action against the driver. 

Iron Man Kicks Off Tomorrow in Washington County 

The Iron Man 70.3 North American Championship is set for May 4 at Sand Hollow Reservoir and ending on Main Street and Tabernacle in St. George. 

Traffic is expected to be very congested throughout most of the main areas of Washington County with several road closures and detours across the region. 

If you would like to know if your neighborhood will be affected on the day of the race, check out our article covering the road conditions with other facts about the beloved endurance test that is the Iron Man. Good luck to all the athletes and volunteers. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton graduated from Utah Tech University in May 2023. Today is the commencement ceremony for the class of 2024, so Stockton wanted to extend his congratulations to all the students receiving their diplomas today; However, it’s actually just their diploma folder. Yeah, the degree doesn’t get to the graduating student until a week later in the mail, which is anticlimactic. At least, that’s Stockton’s opinion on the matter. Doesn’t make the day any less special though. Congrats to the class of 2024 for making it into the working world! 

Happy Weekend! 


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