When you think of the law enforcement, a couple things probably come to mind. Maybe the always stalwart faces they wear in person, or possibly you’re scared of law enforcement. Well throw those thoughts out of your mind, because the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page will change your perspective.  

The Sherriff’s Office is constantly updating its page with news updates regarding issues around Southern Utah, but the way it's done can only be described as if you were talking to a wise friend. For instance, take this post about fireworks being used early before Independence Day. 

The way it takes what should be a PSA about fire safety and possible stray pet reports turns into something more. I LOVE it when authorities have a twist of humor like a sparkling water with a refreshing citrus aftertaste. 

It’s not just the humor. They also report on stories in a more uplifting manner when the situation suits them. Like this post about a lost child in Southern Utah. 

Now I know I can’t speak for you, but this made my faith in the authorities grow exponentially. Spinning it as “story time” makes me want to keep reading and seeing the actual event to the end. 

This isn’t a rarity on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Most if not every post is made to help improve the image of Southern Utah authorities. As someone with a growing family, it gives me a sense of safety to know we have such an empathetic Sheriff’s Office. 


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