It was a mess on northbound I-15 this morning, with many Southern Utah residents just flat out stuck on the freeway in the stretch between Green Spring (Exit 10) and Washington parkway (Exit 13).

While the area was already under construction, even undergoing serious work from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. (down to one lane with workers going all night in an effort to expedite the new Exit 11 project and the widening of the road to three lanes), the traffic jam was actually caused by an accident between two construction vehicles.

Apparently a water truck broke down at milepost 12 and was partially blocking the right lane. As the operator of the truck was setting up caution triangles, a cement truck approached over the crest of the hill and did not see the other truck until it was too late.

Reportedly the cement truck driver then tried to swerve to avoid the water truck but clipped the back of the it as the maneuver was too late.

The cement truck then bounced off the center concrete barrier and came back to the right, with both trucks blocking all lanes of traffic.

The crash temporarily blocked all northbound freeway lanes Thursday morning, although one lane reopened before just before 9 a.m.

The water truck driver was not injured in the crash, but the cement truck driver was transported to an area hospital in serious condition.

Many listeners texted or called into KDXU radio during the traffic morass, saying a lot of traffic was being rerouted through Washington City and Telegraph Street.

By late morning, all lanes were open and traffic was flowing once again.


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