SPRINGDALE, Utah (KDXU/ABC4) – After more than 200 crashes just this past weekend in Utah, highway patrol troopers are warning drivers to stay alert amid another winter storm advisory.

UHP Troopers say just in Southwest Utah, about 30 crashes happened over the weekend and with more snow on the way, it’s likely to see that number go up.

Mike Peterson is visiting Springdale from California. His wife says she’s concerned about driving their Tesla in the snow, but Peterson is staying optimistic.

“I know to drive safely and keep my distance, actually the car keeps the distance for me,” says Peterson.

UHP’s Sergeant Cameron Roden says drivers need to plan ahead, turning to a fatality that happened near Cedar City after a woman’s car was impacted by a semi-truck.

“I think the best thing for drivers to do, is to plan ahead and know what kind of conditions they’re going to be driving through,” says Roden.

Roden says the main factors for crashes and fatalities are excessive speed and bad weather.

“If they run into those circumstances, to adjust to what the conditions are, so if they run into bad road conditions, make sure they adjust their speed, their following distance, to correspond with that,” says Roden.

That’s what Peterson says he plans to do.

“I’m just going to drive slowly and carefully and not let the car get ahead of itself,” says Peterson.

Roden says UHP is planning to have extra patrols on the roads, watching for impaired drivers with the upcoming New Year’s holiday. He says for those celebrating the new year, don’t drink and drive, especially with icy road conditions.

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