This is a little bit awkward, but it needs to be said.

There are a lot (and I mean a lot!) of unclaimed cemetery plots in St. George.

For those that don't know, a cemetery plot costs money. You can expect to pay roughly $750 for the right to be buried, or have a loved one buried in a city cemetery.

Unfortunately, quite a few people have paid for burial plots, but never used them -- 388 to be exact. We're not talking about recent purchases, but lots that have been unused for more than six decades.

The St. George City Council passed a resolution recently that addressed cemetery lots that appear to be abandoned. These lots have been unused for more than 60 years.

Utah state law authorizes the City, via resolution, to terminate the rights of any owner, after giving the required notice, who fails to submit a claim by June 26, 2023 indicating a desire to keep or transfer the lot. The City desires to work collaboratively with each individual who submits a valid claim to transfer the lot to an heir or descendant. 

A list of lots was published and approximately one-third of the lot owners' one or more descendants have contacted City Recorder Christina Fernandez to retain ownership. Fernandez is working with these families to keep the lots within the family and hopes to hear from all the families on the list. Contact Fernandez at 435-627-4003 to claim rights to the lots. A claim must be filed by June 26, 2023. 

Competing claims will be resolved after June 26, 2023. Priority goes to the closest heir or descendant. Any grandchild or great-grandchild will need to eventually provide proof that all interested heirs or descendants agree to the disposition of the lot.    

Prior to any lot being transferred, cemetery staff will inspect the lot to ensure that it is vacant and appears useful for burial. To view a copy of the resolution, including a list of the lots, visit this PDF page on the St. George City website.

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