UPDATE 1/11- The funeral home handling the service says the public is invited to the ceremony for the Haight family. The service for Tausha Haight, along with her 5 children and mother will be held Friday, January 13th at the La Verkin Stake Center, 481 North Main Street at 10am. Any overflow crowd will be sent to the La Verkin west chapel off 70 South 300 West

(Enoch, UT) -- Enoch City Officials released a statement on the latest for funeral services for Tausha Haight, along with her five children and mother Gail Earl. The funeral will be held Friday, January 13 in LaVerkin, Washington County. According to a press release from the city, “The family will provide more information through their choice of methods.”

“While this intense investigation is continuing, our community appreciates the respect of the professional media, the thoughts and prayers of caring people across the world, and the offers for help,” said Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson.

Members of the Haight family have set up a Go Fund Me account to cover expenses related to the funeral.

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