The Utah Special Election is here, and we have everything you need to know about who won, and what that means for Utah.

This article will focus on Southern Utah with a particular emphasis on the St. George election, but other city results can be found toward the end if you’d like to skip to your area.

On the St. George ballot for the November 21 election, three items are listed for residents to vote on.

Special Congressional Election

Republican Candidate Celeste Maloy and Democratic Candidate Kathleen Riebe have been going head-to-head since September when Maloy was nominated as the GOP representative in the race to fill Chris Stewarts position.

Winner: Celeste Maloy

(statistics are subject to change)

According to the Associated Press, Maloy has been deemed the winner of the special congressional election for Utah's Second Congressional District.

As of 8:43 p.m., Maloy has garnered over 62,000 votes across the district with a 54.7% percentage.

Maloy is now one of the first congress members to come from Southern Utah and is expected to fill the rest of the time that former congressman Chris Stewart left behind. Maloy will have to run for re-election in 2024 if she wants to serve a full term.

Maloy's direct competitor, Kathleen Riebe, is currently sitting at 36.8% of the vote with over 42,000 votes counted in her favor.

St. George City Council Election

Three candidates will be chosen out of the five residents vying for a city council seat. Bear in mind that Gregg McArthur dropped out of the race despite making it through the primary election in September.

Here are the St. George City Council Candidates.

  • Steve Kemp
  • Danielle Larkin (Incumbent)
  • Jimmie Hughes (Incumbent)
  • Paula Smith
  • Brad Bennett

Winners: Steve Kemp, Danielle Larkin, and Jimmie Hughes

As of 9:53 p.m., Steve Kemp came out with 22.53% of the vote, making him the newest member of the St. George City Council.

Meanwhile Larkin and Hughes have will serve another term with 20.55% and 22.03% respectively.

Paula Smith came in 4th with 17.51%, and Brad Bennett came in 5th with 17.39%.

Overall, a rather close election for the St. George City Council race.

Other City Council Results


  • Kurt T. Ivie - 24.33%
  • Craig Coats - 23.06%
  • Troy G. Belliston - 21.46%
  • Ben Leamon Martinsen - 17.24%
  • Ed Tracey - 13.9%


  • Sharon Gillespie - 24.98%
  • Sharon Barton - 24%
  • Kevin M. Smith - 16.24%
  • Cheyne C. McDonald - 13.93%
  • Jenny Johnson - 12.25%
  • Paul Bryson - 8.59%


  • Clark R. Fawcett - 19.17%
  • Drew Ellerman - 17.85%
  • Joseph Prete - 17.57%
  • Amy C. Werrett - 16.6%
  • Stephen Lemmon - 15.87%
  • David L. Sanders - 12.94%

La Verkin:

  • Darren L. Prince - 24.44%
  • Micah T. Gubler - 23.6%
  • Richard M. Hirschi - 16.47%
  • Justin Gifford - 13.97%
  • Randy S. Jaques - 11.24%
  • Cody L. Barnes - 10.29%


  • Roy Adams - 23.82%
  • Bill Fowler - 20.45%
  • Delbert Staheli - 15.85%
  • Jared J. Bollinger - 14.62%
  • Mikehel Murphy - 14.31%
  • Yvonne Colby - 10.94%

G.O. Bond Renewal

The last item that was featured on the St. George version of the ballot is the possible renewal of the $29 million Trails Parks and Recreation General Obligation Bond. The bond assists St. George in brining recreational projects to fruition

Result: Renewal Confirmed with 64.65% of the vote

Thank you all for voting and have a wonderful Thanksgiving knowing you did a very patriotic thing before a very patriotic holiday.

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