Washington City is getting a new park, but the main attraction won't be a splash pad, a swing set or slippery slide.

"We are so excited for this new park," Washington City mayor Kress Staheli. "This is going to be a world class wheels park. World class."

Washington City is breaking ground for the new, as yet unnamed Olympic-quality wheels park on George Washington Boulevard.

The mayor and Washington City Council are inviting citizens participate in the groundbreaking. It takes place at 7 p.m. tonight. There will be a short program, followed by an opportunity for the community to ride bikes in the dirt that will soon become the world-class skate, bike, and scooter park.

The city asks those for any comments or questions to be directed to (435) 656-6347.

"Don't forget to like and share this information to help spread the word within the community."

Over near Snow Canyon High School is the Snake Hollow bike park, providing enthusiasts on the west side of the county access to a mountain biking facility. The park is extremely popular among young bicyclists and has drawn praise from around the state.

This new park, sponsored by city councilman Kurt Ivie, will provide a space for (mostly) young people to ride and enjoy bikes, scooters and skateboards through a series of hills, curves and half-pipes, among other features.

It will be a  14-acre recreation area and will also feature an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course as well as a grassy area and, yes, a splash pad.

The park is being designed and built by Spohn Ranch, a California company that specializes in that area. The park will have approximately 190,000 square feet.

City officials said they hope to have at least the first phase of the park completed by the end of this year.

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