It didn’t take long for the Washington County School District to come into compliance with a new visor/mask mandate.

The mandate was sent out to all K-12 schools in Utah late last Friday mandating that shield wearers were now required to also wear a face mask.

The Washington County School District sent out a statement late yesterday clarifying the Governors mask with a visor mandate for schools.

Steve Dunham with the school district said, We intend to fully comply with the governor’s new mandate dated Aug. 14, 2020.

There are provisions in the mandate that permit certain modifications to the general rule. Dunham went on to say if a childs face needs to be seen they can wear just a face shield.

If teachers feel they need to have their face seen, they are welcome to just wear the shield as long as they social distance. 

Parents whose kids need to wear face shields without masks will be required to fill out a waiver.

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