At the intersection of 100 West Street and St. George Boulevard, adjacent to Ancestor Square, sits a barren piece of City-owned property with tremendous development potential.

The City is inviting firms with significant expertise in professional architectural design, land use planning and land development services — including market research and financial forecasting — to submit their qualifications for this property through the City’s Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

The deadline to submit an RFQ for this project is Oct. 20.

“We are excited to see what the development community brings to the table,” said Chad Thomas, Economic Development Director for the City of St. George. “Downtown St. George is an important commercial center for the City and this piece of prime real estate will play an integral part in the redevelopment of downtown.

Accounting for 56 percent of Washington County, St. George is home to more than 100,000 residents. The population of the city has been on a rapid rise with an increase of 13 percent since 2020, and in recent years has been named one of the fastest growing cities in the country. As a result, the local economy is thriving. In 2022, WalletHub ranked St. George the second-best small city in the United States to start a new business.

Beyond the innumerable opportunities for outdoor recreation, the city offers a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries, and more. There is something for everyone in downtown St. George where you can enjoy varieties of food, parks and playgrounds, browse local shops and engage with the thriving community.

The development of this 3.61-acre project will build upon the foundation of Ancestor Square and seamlessly integrate into and enhance our community. The chosen firm will work with the City Council to plan and design a creative, engaging project that will become a successful and financially feasible development for the City. The final product will produce the following:

  •  A conceptual plan including site plan and elevations.
  • A market research report detailing the feasibility and future success of the proposed project.
  • A financial structure that gives the city options for future financial benefits relating to its ownership of the property.
  • The upcoming development nestled within the vibrant Lively District is set to bring a burst of excitement to the area while fostering a profound sense of community among its residents,” Thomas added. “This is a rare opportunity to be directly involved in the development of prime downtown properties.”

Submission Deadline: Oct. 20, 2023 at 2 p.m.

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