Authorities are baffled and the parties involved aren't talking, meaning there's got to be something fishy going on.

A plane crash about an hour northwest of St. George, close to Enterprise and Flat Top Mountain has government officials and police authorities scratching their heads.

Here is what we know: A small plane crashed Sunday afternoon and the pilot walked away from the crash with only minor injuries, authorities were notified of the crash via the pilot's 360 Alert they would later find out was tied to the pilot’s watch, the pilot gave "inconsistent" information to authorities at the scene, and during questioning the pilot got up and left.

What is unclear from the scene: Where the flight originated (the pilot says Enterprise, but the logs show Las Vegas), how long the plane has been owned by the unnamed pilot (he said he just bought it, records show he had owned it for months) and was there anyone else involved.

The Federal Aviation Administration has taken over the investigation, but social media comments describe the actions of the pilot and the aftermath of the crash as being very suspicious.

Charlie L. said : "Definitely hiding something. Sounds like a tv show plot."

Holly J. said "The guessing game begins... what they gonna find?"

Deanna G. said "Something about this story sounds fishy."

Shawn B said "YouTube stunt, trying to get lots of views of the crash. It was all staged...."

Ben O. said "As a pilot, this is sus.."

There were dozens of other comments, but until an official statement is made by the authorities and the pilot, we're left to wonder.

Note: All photos by Enterprise Fire and EMS



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