you...want to know about one of my favorite annual events in Southern Utah?  

It’s called Peach Days, and it’s basically another version of the Washington County Fair. Lots of food stalls looking to give you ten pounds, live entertainment from people you had no idea existed, and more events looking to drain your wallet. 

This year marks the 25th Annual Peach Days since its revival in 1999. Yes, revival. Peach Days actually goes back farther than 1999, but the original version of the Hurricane festival turned into the Washington County Fair, and then turned back into Peach Days.  

I spoke with Jarolyn Stout, a co-chairman for the Peach Days Planning Committee, and she told me where this beloved Hurricane festival came from. 

“Peach Days is a celebration of our heritage,” said Stout. “Peaches were the very beginning of Hurricane. That’s where a lot of farmers started out, harvesting and filling their fruit. Peach Days then evolved from that clear back in the beginning days of Hurricane.” 

The biggest upgrade being added to this year’s festivities comes in the form of more rodeos. Stout said previous years had only one day for the rodeo, but this year has rootin tootin fun for all three days of Peach Days. 

You can’t really go wrong with spending a day in Hurricane for Peach Days. Other events like the kid's carnival, quilt contest, and peach dish cook-off provide variety to the festival as well. 

Peach Days 2023 starts August 31 and will continue until September 2. 

More details on the list of events can be found here. 


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