HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4/KDXU) – Water experts say it’s been a unique year with inconsistent snowpack during our state-wide drought.

Last year, Governor Spencer Cox asked residents to save water and according to the Washington County Water Conservancy District General Manager, Zachary Renstrom, they listened.

“So last year, even with 5% growth, we actually saved 400 million gallons of water compared to the previous year,” he says.

Renstrom says the last few months have been inconsistent, filled with many dry days and few snowfalls.

“November we didn’t receive a single drop of rain or snow, down in this area but then December comes along and it was a beautiful December,” he says.

But then it went back to a dry climate until Wednesday’s snowfall.

“We’re about 100-110% down here in Southwest Utah which is where we’d like to be, we’re still in a little bit of a deficit with last year’s drought being so bad,” says Renstrom.

Renstrom says this drought has shown the importance of infrastructure, like reservoirs and dams.

“But we’re hoping that we might get a few more spring snowstorms or rainstorms to help us fill that deficit from last year,” says Renstrom.

He says it looks like the current water supply will be enough for this Spring and Summer, reminding residents to use water wisely.

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