A little bit of snow in St. George is really no big deal. In fact a lot of people have fun with it as long as they have a little time to take off and don't have to be anywhere. But there are those that have commitments -- places to go, people to see -- and had to brave the elements in Washington County this morning.

And while it never got really bad in St. George, just a short drive up State Road 18 or Interstate-15 or even SR9 saw folks having to deal with some of winter's fiercest forces.

Washington County's Sheriff's Office posted this early this morning:

"WINTER DRIVING CONDITIONS WARNING ... Once again, we have winter driving conditions. Deputies and troopers are reporting white out conditions everywhere north of St George and Washington City, and even in those places it is snowing. Dispatch is aware and has called out the plows. We are also aware of intermittent power outages. Please slow down AND drive accordingly. #winterdriving #wearedoingthebestwecan #WCSO #Iamstartingtodislikethesnow

A little while later, the WCSO added this to their post:

"Current conditions on SR 18, snow packed in sections of Dammeron, MM 14 to 18 or so. Again it gets snow packed from MM 27-ish through Enterprise. The plows are out but having a hard time keeping up. Old Hwy 91 gets packed around MM 12 we are being told by deputies. SR-59 has a Semi slide off near MM-20, and SR-9 between LaVerkin and Zion is bad, at least that is the word from deputies and Springdale Police so far this morning.

The overriding message from all First Responder outlets to the media and citizens -- If you don't absolutely have to go out on those slick and snowy roads, don't!

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Snowy day in Washington County

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