Many residents heading to lunch on Bluff Street watched in awe as a vehicle drove off a cliff on Tech Ridge Drive toward 700 S. Bluff Street on March 12.

The vehicle rolled once and rested on the cliffside near Monster Storage. A 41-year-old woman was the only occupant of the vehicle along with a house cat.

The St. George Police Department, St. George Fire Department, and several other emergency workers responded to the accident around 12:30 p.m.

Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the SGPD couldn’t provide a reason as to why the woman drove off the cliff, but Officer Mitchell was able to provide some other details related to the unfortunate accident.

Officer Mitchell said, “It started at 12:35 approximately when a vehicle went off the top of Tech Ridge, and once it went over the edge, it landed on the front and rolled over once it hit the ground.”

As for the status of the driver, Officer Mitchell said emergency crews were able to extract the victim at the scene.

Officer Mitchell said, “We had a single female in that vehicle, and she had a cat with her. We were able to get her out and get her to the hospital for some help. She was injured, but I don’t know the extent of her injuries at this point.”

The woman was reportedly coherent during the transport to St. George Regional Hospital via ambulance, but as Officer Mitchell said, the severity of her injuries is not public knowledge.

We’ll provide more details as the police release more information from the investigation.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, please remember a seatbelt could save your life. Even if you’re driving around the corner from your home, please wear your seatbelt and take care while going about your daily commute.


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