We might be living in this world, but it's owned by Beenie Von Weenie.

In a massive event held in Southern California's Los Alamitos Race Course (where normally thoroughbred horses scamper around the track), Beenie proved to be the fastest wiener dog (AKA Dachshund) of them all, emerging as the winner of the 24th annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals.

The event, held every July, attracted about 100 Dachshunds (and their owners) to the race track. It has been held in Texas, Arizona, California and other Western states.

Beenie survived the heats (no pun in tended) and made it to the finals. The races were 50 yards, with one doggy parent at one end of the track and the other (permitted to use a treat or toy to entice the dog) at the finish line.

"I have the winner, Beenie Von Weenie!" owner Nicolee Leonard exclaimed to ABC7. "I've been coming every year. And he nailed it. He won a doghouse and $1,000. And the title, 'The Fastest Wienie of the West!'"

While greyhounds are known for their speed and would leave Beenie and his contemporaries in the dust, Wiener Nationals rules state:

Okay, so we admire Greyhounds as much as the next guy, but fair is fair. So only genuine, low-to-the-ground Dachshunds (Real Wiener Dogs) will be allowed to race. And we reserve the right to determine which dogs are wieners and which dogs are not.

A couple of the other crucial rules:

  • You can register your dog(s) to race in only one Wiener Nationals race per year.
  • Each dog owner may win only one Wiener Nationals race per calendar year.
  • You must be the registered owner of your dog to race. Proof of ownership may be required.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times (except during race).
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs! Please bring along your own “clean-up” gear.
  • Two people must be available during the heat; one at the race gate, and one at the finish line.
  • You may use a toy or treat to entice the dog, but you must stay at each end until your dog comes to you! The toy or treat may not be thrown or tossed. No loud devices, laser pointers or anything that may be distracting to other dogs/owners.
  • You may NOT run along side the dog.
  • Your dog may step out of bounds but must re-enter and completely cross the finish line, within the boundaries, without being grabbed. If the dog is touched by the handler before completely crossing the finish line, the dog will be disqualified.
  • You MUST have FUN!

If you have a "real wiener dog" and want to compete in future events, you're encouraged to email wienernationals@wienerschnitzel.com.

Money raised from the event went to the Seal Beach Animal Care Center.


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