It was 112 years ago, 1911 to be exact, when locals in St. George decided they needed a secure and permanent place to teach their young people the important things that would be needed to succeed in the new modern world.

That need and idea hatched into St. George Academy.

While there is a new St. George Academy, a charter school in Washington City, this one has seen a few miles and a couple-hundred thousand graduates over the years.

St. George Academy is Dixie High School.

"Dixie" was originally a nickname for the school, but the name gained traction after students began the tradition of painting "Dixie" on the red rocks above town (the Sugarloaf) in 1913.

In the next decade after that, St. George Academy just kind of morphed into Dixie Academy, then Dixie High School.

And when the boys basketball team took state and went to Nationals in Chicago in the late 1920s, the Dixie school picked up the nickname the "Dixie Flyers" for their magnificent speed "flying up and down the court." (for what it's worth, Dixie took third at Nationals that year under coach Lee Hafen).

Three decades later, Walt Brooks led the football team and then the basketball team to undefeated seasons, cementing Dixie's place in the Utah record books and cementing Brooks as a legend in Southern Utah.

The Dixie High football field would later be named Walt Brooks Stadium in his honor.

Dixie High (or Academy) was originally downtown, right on Main Street, but a new building was built on 700 South in the 1960s. It was rebuilt in 2000 with only one building remaining now from the 1960s era structure, but the location remaining the same.

Some of the famous Dixie High alums include former Major Leaguer Bruce Hurst, former NFL tight end Doug Jolley and current Apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Jeffrey R. Holland.

Plus pop singers Dia and Meg Frampton are Dixie High grads.

The first principal of Dixie High was Hugh Woodward. The school's current principal is Warren Brooks.

Original class list for St. George Academy:

  • Theology--lst.2nd and 3rd year.
  • English--lst, 2nd and 3rd year.
  • Ancient and Modern History
  • Algebra-lst and 2nd year.
  • Plane Geometry.
  • Physiography.
  • Physics.
  • Domestic Art.
  • Domestic Science.
  • Economics or PhysioloStr.
  • Violin, Piano, and Vocal Music.

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