ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Three people have been arrested on drug, forgery, and theft charges after police performed a welfare check on an elderly woman that was wandering around a McDonald’s in St. George on March 12.

Police initially responded to a welfare check shortly after 8:15 a.m. where they located an elderly woman who had no recollection of how she got to the McDonald’s at 1235 S Bluff Street. The woman also was unable to tell the police where she lived, court records state.

The woman was able to provide her name and date of birth as police walked around the parking lot searching for her family or car.

Police found medical paperwork with the name “Joseph Ledonne,” along with a phone number. When they called the number no one picked up.

The woman eventually led police to a Uhaul truck and another car, but she told police that her car was gone. When officers called the phone number that they found, they heard it ringing inside of the Uhaul truck, court records state.

Officers saw drug paraphernalia in plain view in a car that was parked next to the Uhaul truck. They also spotted a man sleeping in the front cab of the Uhaul who was later identified as Angel Mauro Lowe of Utah.

A woman, Chantelle Martinez and a man Joseph Ledonne came out from the back of the Uhaul and police observed Martinez call the elderly woman by her name, identifying the woman as her grandmother.

Martinez told police that the elderly woman was her grandmother and she had dementia.

Officers observed a glass mouthpiece with residue inside on the floor of the Uhaul and Martinez told officers that it was from her “dab” bong and she had a little “weed” on her, a probable cause document states.

When questioned by police, Lowe claimed he had used marijuana the night before. When officers found a rolled-up piece of foil with burnt residue and a small plastic bag with white residue inside, Lowe claimed it wasn’t meth. The white residue was tested and it came back positive for methamphetamine.

Also found on Lowe were two forged Walmart receipts with two serial numbers to two large UHD smart TVs in the back of the Uhaul. Lowe had also been listed as a missing person by his father and had three warrants out of Utah.

When police questioned Martinez, they found a credit card, a Nevada driver’s license, and a Costco membership for three people who weren’t present. When questioned about the cards, police say Martinez changed her reasoning for having them several times.

Martinez told police she used her grandmother to rent the Uhaul, knowing she had dementia. She also admitted to using methamphetamine and marijuana the day before. She also told police that the shoes she had on were stolen by her and Ledonne from a nearby Walmart, along with an air pump and blow-up mattress.

Ledonne admitted that the glass pipe found on him was a meth pipe, that he used for meth and other drugs. He also admitted to stealing the two TVs that officers found, police say. Ledonne then told the police that he created the fake receipts to steal the items from Walmart that were found in the Uhaul.

All three were arrested on several charges and taken to jail.

Martinez was arrested on charges of possession of another person’s identity, a third-degree felony along with a slew of misdemeanor charges that include: criminal conspiracy, neglect of a vulnerable person by isolation, theft, and several drug charges.

Lowe faces one count of third-degree felony forgery along with a charge of criminal conspiracy, and two counts of possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

Ledonne faces third-degree felony forgery, along with one count each of retail shoplifting, criminal conspiracy, theft by receiving stolen property and two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of paraphernalia.

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