The Church News for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently published a map that includes the locations of all the religion's 315 temples around the world, including the recently announced new 20 temple sites.

Here's a small version of the map. For a bigger view, go to the Church News website.


From the article:

The Church has 182 dedicated houses of the Lord, of which 177 are currently operating. Four — the Salt Lake, Manti Utah, Stockholm Sweden and San Diego California temples — are undergoing renovations. Extensive renovation and updating of the St. George Utah Temple is recently completed, and it will be rededicated in December. Five of the 177 operating temples are scheduled for renovation or reconstruction to begin later this year or next year: Kona Hawaii, Toronto Ontario, Provo Utah, Manhattan New York and Anchorage Alaska.


The Church News also updated readers on the status of the Church's most famous temple, the Salt Lake Temple.

"From the tops of the Salt Lake Temple’s spires to the underground floors of the temple’s north addition, work continues on the temple and Temple Square renovation projects.

Increased visual attention came last weekend as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints conducted its October 2023 general conference in the Conference Center, just across the street from ongoing work.

Most of the concrete walls have been poured for the north addition on the Salt Lake Temple’s north side, with the addition’s three underground floors to house two baptistries, additional sealing rooms, dressing rooms and other administrative areas.


Inside the addition, walls are being framed, and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire-suppression systems are being installed. Finish work is expected to begin next year.

Inside the temple proper and on the fourth and fifth floors, some 200,000 pounds of steel beams were temporarily installed to shore up the structure.

Installed on the beams were 50,000-ton hydraulic jacks and a hydraulic manifold system, which allowed the weight bearing of the pioneer-era temple walls to be transferred to the steel system while the retrofitting of the seismic upgrades took place on the floors below.

The effort is highlighted in the video “Buildings of the Temple: Steel Workers.”

On the east side of the temple, 94 of the 98 base isolators are in place both inside and outside of the temple.

Construction on the east side of the Salt Lake Temple.

Transfer girders — each 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide and made of reinforced concrete — will rest on top of the base isolators, which are key to the seismic upgrade and stabilization during earthquakes. The weight of the temple will be transferred through the transfer girders to the base isolators, which now rest on the new lower footings.

In May, the first of the six steel spire structures to sit atop the temple’s towers was installed on the northwest side. Now, only one more placement remains to be completed.

About 54,000 cubic yards of concrete have been poured — more than 50% of the total concrete required for the renovation projects.

Construction has started on the plaza level — or ground level — of the South Pavilions, with work proceeding on the above-ground structures.

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