Utah’s Republican State Convention was held at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City on April 27 with plenty of what analysts are calling unexpected twists and turns for the political space of Utah. 

Let’s start with a disclaimer. For candidates to receive the GOP nomination for their desired position, they must garner 60% of the vote at the convention. If no one gets the 60% in their respective category, then the top two will move on to the primary election on June 25. 

We’ll begin with the positions that affect the Southern Utah area the most, and then we’ll have the other positions listed at the latter end of this article. The data from the convention was provided by our friends at ABC 4 Utah. 

Utah Governor Nomination 

Utah Governor Spencer Cox didn’t win the day at Utah’s Republican State Convention on April 27 as Phil Lyman won the majority of voters. 

Lyman didn’t gather enough votes to win the official party nomination as he didn’t garner the required 60% vote count.  

Lyman and Cox will head to the primary on June 25 to win the republican party nomination for the November 2024 general election. 

Utah Senator Nomination 

Following an endorsement from Former U.S. President Donald Trump before the convention, Trent Staggs walked away with 69.74% of the votes at Utah’s Republican State Convention. 

Since Staggs got the required 60% of votes, he has received the GOP nomination for the 2024 election to replace Utah Senator Mitt Romney who is retiring at the end of this year. 

Voters will be able to cast their ballot for their preferred Senator Candidate at the November 2024 election. 

Utah’s Second Congressional District Seat 

Utah Congressman Celeste Maloy didn’t receive the GOP nomination at Utah’s Republican State Convention on April 27 as Colby Jenkins almost reaches the 60% vote requirement. 

Jenkins led in votes partly due to the sudden endorsement from Ty Jensen as he dropped out of the race earlier that day. 

Jenkins gathered 56.85% of votes while Maloy walked away with 43.15%. Both candidates will head to the June 25 primary to fight for the GOP nomination. 

Other Nominations 

Incumbent Blake Moore trailed behind Paul Miller for Utah’s First Congressional District seat, but Miller didn’t win enough of the votes for a GOP nomination. Moore received 45.14% of the vote while Miller received 54.86%. 

Mike Kennidy won the GOP nomination for Utah’s Third Congressional District with 61.51% of the votes, stopping the second-place candidate, Zac Wilson, from advancing with 38.49% of the votes. 

Incumbent Todd Weiler and candidate Ronald Mortensen will head to the June 25 primary election for the State Senator District 8 seat. Weiler garnered 52.85% of the vote while Mortensen got 47.15%. 

Frank Demcy Mylar, Rachel Terry, and Derek Brown will move on to the June 25 primary election to fight for the seat of Utah Attorney General. Mylar almost got the GOP nomination with 59.76% of the vote, Rachel Terry got 40.24% of the vote, and Derek Brown advanced since he was able to gather the required number of signatures, despite landing in last place during the vote. 

Lastly, Ricky Hatch and Tina Cannon will both head to the June 25 primary election for the seat of Utah State Auditor. Hatch got 51.3% of the vote while Cannon received 48.6%. 

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