One of the prettiest sights you'll ever see is the raging and majestic falls at Gunlock when the snowmelt is in full runoff mode.

Social media was flooded with incredible images of Gunlock Falls as locals and tourists alike enjoyed the beauty and awe-inspiring movement of the roaring water.

Sadly, Gunlock Falls has returned to its more serene beauty now, with the raging water reduced to nothing more than a trickle. It happens almost every year, but it's still sad to see it go.

But just because the powerful snowmelt is gone, it doesn't mean we can be carefree around the Gunlock Falls area. The Washington County Sheriff's Office issued this warning this week:

The Falls at Gunlock State Park are slowing significantly with most falls no longer flowing and the rest fading. This is happening because the snow pack has been expended and we are not seeing the higher flows in the Santa Clara River that we saw in the spring. The rocks in this area are very mossy and slick use caution if in the area and avoid edges and drop offs.

Accompanying the warning was a picture showing the mossy and slippery edges of the Falls, with a significant drop off. Were someone to slip on the moss and go over the edge, it certainly could cost them their life.

Extreme caution is urged by the county's law enforcement officials.

Gunlock State Park also issued this note of gratitude:

We would like to thank all of our partners that helped during this busy time. BLM, Gunlock Fire Department, Santa Clara Fire Department. Dameron Valley Fire Department, Washington County Sheriffs Office and Search And Rescue. City of St George, Washington County Water Conservancy, Utah Dept of Recreation and Utah State Parks. And finally YOU! All of the countless visitors that enjoyed the falls, helped others up trails, patiently waited for pictures to be taken and watched out for others. We hope you all enjoyed your time at Gunlock State Park and will come back and enjoy the rest of the Park. There is always fun to be had at Gunlock State Park. Stay safe out there.


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